Chapter Meeting Septermber 2019 Speaker Martha Hartley, Old Salem, NC
Chapter Meeting Septermber 2019

Chapter Meeting Septermber 2019

Speaker Martha Hartley, Old Salem, NC

As Director of Moravian Research at Old Salem Museum and Gardens, Martha Hartley brought us a wonderfully in depth review of the Bavarian origins and later emigration to Colonial Pennsylvania, thence North Carolina in search of a land similar to the Wachau Valley they had left in Germany.

Insights to their industry, religious practices and contributions to our Country in its formative stages rounded out her presentation.

Martha is a Preservation Planner with varied experience including community preservation, advocacy,and public awareness. For over 30 years, Martha and her husband Michael, formerly Director of Archaeology at Old Salem, have worked together with the archaeology, history, landscape, and preservation of the Moravian communities in the Winston-Salem area. For their work, they have been honored to receive the Robert E. Stipe Professional Award from Preservation North Carolina, the Archie K. Davis Award from the Wachovia Historical Society, and the Hall of Fame Community Service Award from the Liberian Organization of the Piedmont. The Minnette C. Duffy Landscape Preservation Award from Preservation North Carolina to the Bethania Historical Association was on behalf of the Hartley’s work.

Special note: The Five Star Banner recently awarded our Chapter was proudly on display for this first time.

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