Chapter Meeting March 2022 Speaker - Dr. Oddy Crrist, PHD
Chapter Meeting March 2022

Chapter Meeting March 2022

Speaker - Dr. Oddy Crrist, PHD

Dr. Crist spoke to us about the differences between living in a communist/socialist run country and a capitalist/Christian one like the US. Something she is well qualified to recount since she grew up in the British Sector of Berlin post WW II.

Most telling were her observations on the negative impact of declining or all together erasure of the study of history in our schools.

Another highlight of the evening was the attendance of five new or prospective members. This hopefully bodes well for the intense efforts to grow the membership. Ist VP Ted Robinson shared the results of a recent all member survey intended to offer some guidance in this endeavor and an overall rejuvenation of the Chapter.

2nd Vice President Jerry Johnson reported on the record breaking success of the recent Toys for Tots drive from which tens of thousands of children were recipients!!

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